Hello, time traveler!

I appreciate that you have found a way to tunnel from the early 2000's into the future Internet using this dreadful browser. However, this site is made for the web in 2017. It's just not going to look good in your browser.

It may create a rift in space-time, but maybe if you download the 2017 version of Google Chrome you can view things as they are meant to be viewed!

Hope you aren't stuck back there in 2004.

Aw, Snap!

You've found Moni on the internet. Here you'll see my portfolio, blog, and any other magical pixel I craft.


In between random dance bursts, I'm pushing pixels and forming vectors. I love what I do, and so might you.

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It's free if you don't steal it.


I hear voices in my head, but they tell me I'm not crazy. I write down what they say here.


You know what they say...curiosity killed the cat. So if you're a cat you should stop reading, but if you're human, then it's cool.

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Warning: no cats beyond this point.


Yes, Jodi Foster was great in that movie, and Carl Sagan is a genius, but I’m talking about contacting me. So if you have a question or comment send me an email. The nicer the better.

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Remember, karma.
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